What you should know about eyelid erythema

eyelid erythema

Eyelid erythema can be caused by many factors. Problems with the eyelid can range from benign and nothing to worry about to very serious disorders and malignant tumors. For more information on a painful eyelid, read more.


What is eyelid erythema?

This is a condition of the eyelids that is described as red and swollen. This condition can have a variety of causes. Eyelid erythema can be caused when your eyelids come into contact with an irritant, causing an allergic reaction. In some instances, the eyelid erythema could be a sign of a more serious condition.


Eyelid Erythema Management

Most minor conditions of redness around the eyes can be treated with hot and cold compresses or over-the-counter topical creams.


Moisturizers. Most of these creams would be available without a prescription and would be used to relieve itching and dryness of the skin. These moisturizers would be very effective in the treatment of mild dermatitis.

 Calcineurin inhibitors. These inhibitors can be taken orally or applied onto the skin as a cream. They would be available in most pharmacies and drug stores and they would work to treat inflammatory disorders on the skin such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

 Corticosteroids. These are steroid-based creams that can be directly applied to the affected area to help alleviate redness and swelling. Patients should consult their doctors before using corticosteroids because they tend to lose their effectiveness if they are used for too long. The side-effects of these medicines are serious. Effects would include high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis, so limiting the use or consulting a doctor before use would be a good idea.


Prevention methods

eyelid erythemaAvoid irritants. Avoid cosmetic products that can cause you to rub your eyes. Also, using only one brand of makeup would be better than experimenting with many makeup brands, especially those that are not hypoallergenic.

 Diet changes. For people who have allergies, avoiding the food they are allergic to can prevent eyelid erythema from occurring. Even for people who do not have any food allergens, dairy products can cause atopic dermatitis.

Moisturize regularly. Skin that is not dry will have fewer chances of getting irritated. As long as you take care not to get any moisturizer in your eyes, this can be an effective way to prevent any symptoms from developing. Choose your moisturizers well as some of these may contain chemicals and parabens that can also irritate the eyelids.


If you are experiencing eyelid erythema, or if you feel any itch around your eye, before applying any topical creams, it might be a good idea to consult your doctor. They would be trained enough to tell you if the redness was caused by a mundane irritant or if it would be a sign of something more serious.


Avoid rubbing your eyes as advised by the eye specialists in Melbourne, even if they are itchy to prevent any further symptoms from forming. If you are planning to undergo any dietary changes or use any over-the-counter medicines, your doctor would be able to advise you if those would be the right choices to make.


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