Learn about the types of nose surgery

types of nose surgery

People undergo nose surgery for varying reasons. For some people, it’s a personal choice as they seek to improve their looks, while others undergo the procedure for reasons that are beyond their control. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is a term used to describe any kind of nasal surgery that’s expressly performed to change or enhance the appearance of the patient’s nose. Some of the types of nose surgery under cosmetic rhinoplasty include reduction rhinoplasty, augmentation rhinoplasty, ethnic, revision, and post-traumatic rhinoplasty among several others. Although considered elective, they are usually covered by insurance in many cases.

Surgeons may also recommend the services of aurhinoplastymelbourne for nose surgery to correct a medical problem. Here are some of these types of nose surgery:

  1. Septoplasty Surgery – It’s usually performed to correct a deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is the wall of the cartilage and the bone that’s responsible for dividing the nose into two nostrils. Deviation of the septum happens when the septum moves to one side of the nose. While it mostly occurs during an accident, a baby could be born with it.
  2. Alarplasty Surgery – It entails the reshaping or narrowing of alar (the area around the sides of the nose at the bottom). It’s performed to enhance the balance of the nose with reference to the base and the general structure of the nose.
  3. types of nose surgeryTurbinoplasty Surgery – Some times, the structures along the wall of the nose known as turbinates may swell and lead to obstruction, and in turn, causing breathing problems. Doctors perform turbinoplasty to minimize the size of the turbinates.
  4. Ethmoidectomy – Located between the eyes and the nose bridge, ethmoid sinuses play a crucial role in the treatment of the majority of sinus infections. An ethmoidectomy is conducted to remove infected tissue and bone to avoid the blockage of natural drainage, and also prevent further spread.
  5. Polypectomy – It’s a surgical operation designed to eliminate soft swellings that occur on the lining of the nose capable of causing blockage of the nasal passages. Patients with polyps have difficulty breathing and suffer a significant reduction in their sense of smell. Prospective candidate of any type of nose surgery should consider speaking to a qualified and experienced surgeon to help explore all the options and the associated safety aspects.

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