Managing the Throbbing Pain After Root Canal

throbbing pain after root canal

A root canal is a dental treatment given to the teeth of people who suffer from dental problems. In fact, it’s one of the services provided by the surgeons at DDII. The process of root canal involves a few steps. A person’s mouth is full of bacteria, therefore, when these bacteria invade the teeth it causes an infection on it causing decay of the tooth. Tooth decay causes the pulp to die causing the tissues surrounding the teeth to swell and become red, a pulp is contained in the root canal of a tooth.

In order to reduce the pain during a root canal treatment, the patient’s gum is numbed with a substance that looks like jelly. An anesthetic is administered to the patient by a syringe to help to numb the skin around the areas that are infected, and a nitrous oxide gas is used to help in relaxing and reducing the pain. Dentists use a small rubber sheet to prevent tooth chips from entering the mouth and the throat of the patient. The pulp is removed with tools for dentistry, the dentist fills the center of the tooth with filling materials, medicine and root canal filling and then a permanent filling is filled.  A throbbing pain after root canal can be experienced when the anesthetic starts to wear off.

How to ease the throbbing pain after root canal throbbing pain after root canal

  • Take an over the counter pain relievers. This will be a great help in relieving the swelling and the pain.
  • Try gels like Oragel as it numbs the area but do not use too much since it can cause you to stop breathing since the throat muscles may relax.
  • Use an ice pack.  Applying an ice pack will numb the areas and reduce the swelling.
  • Do a soft food and liquid diet since hard food will irritate the teeth and gums and a cold liquid will help in relieving the swelling and pain.

If the throbbing pain after root canal becomes severe it is advisable to contact your dentist in Dubbo since bacteria may still be present.


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