How does one develop root canal infection years after their procedure?

root canal infection years later

When you have a tooth that has encountered moderate damage in the nerve that causes pain and sensitivity but the tooth is still intact, your dentist may recommend undergoing root canal therapy. You might not want to have a root canal therapy because you’re afraid that root canal will be painful. But more than this being a painful procedure, this will help treat the pain and sensitivity of your tooth. This treatment removes the badly damaged inside part of the tooth called pulp where the nerves are located as well as saves your tooth by cleaning and sealing the space with a sealant or filling. But if this procedure really saves the teeth and even promises to last a lifetime, why do some people get root canal infection years later?

Why root canal treatment needs repair

Even if the most accurate root canal treatment is performed, there is still a possibility that you may need retreatment.

A part of the pulp remains. If the damaged pulp has a few fragments left inside the tooth, the bacteria at lives there can still damage the rest of the tooth, making you feel pain and sensitivity all over again.

A delay in the process. Oftentimes, the dentist uses a temporary filling to cover the space inside the tooth before the placement of the permanent one. If the treatment is delayed, there is a chance that bacteria can seep through the temporary filing and damage your tooth once again.

Your fight with your saliva. Our saliva houses different germs and bacteria depending on what and what we eat. If your saliva seeps through the crack or opening in your root canal-treated tooth, it serves as a vehicle for the bacteria to invade and cause problems with your tooth.

root canal infection years laterLaxity on oral care. If you have had a successful root canal treatment but still neglects your oral health, there is no doubt that your treatment will be deemed useless.

The filling cracked. Any damage to the filling placed on your tooth after the root canal treatment places you under the extreme possibility of a bacterial infection once again.

If any of these situations happen to you, do not hesitate to go back to your dentist or endodontists so they can reevaluate and reassess your condition so a proper repair can be done as soon as possible.


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