Why Is There Ear Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Why Is There Ear Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A dental treatment aims to fully recover the functions of the teeth, gums, or mouth after any oral health issue. With its process, one should expect that healing and recovery may have its side-effects. Some patients complain about ear pain after dental surgery for tooth extraction. Though, it is quite uncommon for ear pain to happen right after. There may be other various treatments that dental and medical treatment can do. In fact, a patient who had dental surgery at Epping based Lyndarum Family clinic was able to fix this issue after another check-up. Thus, it is beneficial to have a follow-up from your dentist so he or she can scan any signs of ear pain after a wisdom tooth extraction.

Why Does Ear Pain Happen?

People experience ear pain for all sorts of reasons. Our ears are delicate organs that have easy access points due to their structure. Just from swimming, air pressure, or infection, the ears may hurt and experience extreme pain. For a few given times, an underlying medical infection may cause ear pain for several people. In other situations, ear pain after wisdom tooth extraction is possible. You may have to ask your surgeon or dentist to instruct you about post-operative care for wisdom teeth extraction. Don’t worry, we also have a few tips that you can use in case of emergency.

Possible Causes of Ear Pain:

Colds And Flu

Mild symptoms of cold and flu can result in ear pain. This is a tingling sensation when there is a blockage due to the phlegm or fluids. Eventually, it may damage your ear and show signs of an ear infection if left untreated. You will have to get your ears checked with a doctor right away to avoid otitis media.

Impacted Molars (Before and After Extraction)

Another painful problem that impacted molars cause is ear pain after wisdom tooth extraction. It can be a nuisance especially if the impacted molars (wisdom teeth) are touching the nerves. This makes the nerves along the gums sensitive. This makes the earaches common before and after the wisdom tooth extraction.Ear Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Tylenol Medicine

TMJ Disorder

The hinge that connects your jaw and teeth may also affect the ear pain after wisdom tooth extraction. If there’s an underlying dental disease that your dentist was not able to check, it’s better to get a follow-up once more. TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorders are rare can come from accidents or trauma.

How To Manage Ear Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Managing your ear pain after wisdom tooth extraction is affordable and can be done with over-the-counter solutions. A dentist may have to give you some medicine for pain relief. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or any other pain reliever can reduce the effects of wisdom tooth surgery. In addition, you may want to avoid smoking for quite a while. Ear pain may further have complications if the infection spreads. Even alcoholic drinks can worsen your ear pain. Remember, your ear pain may be directly connected to anything you do with your oral hygiene.  Your dentist should get additional information for the symptoms that you feel right after that wisdom tooth extraction.


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