Can scar tissue cause pain years later?

can scar tissue cause pain years later

When healthy tissues are damaged, there is the formation of tissues that are thick and fibrous. The size of the scar-forming will be determined by the length in which the healthier tissues are destroyed. It can either be through surgery, any form of significant injury or an accidental cut to your skin. If you are interested, read about scars here

In most cases, scar tissues aren’t always painful at the initial stages after being treated. This is due to the fact that the body tissues can be destroyed alongside the nerves that are responsible for reception and the transmission of pain. But can scar tissue cause pain years later?

However, in other instances: deep wounds can affect the underlying tissues and bones which later cause subsequent pain on the scar tissue.

In this article, you’re going to learn whether scar tissue can cause pain in your life after a couple of years. Most importantly, you’re going to learn the possible contributing factors that can cause tissue scar pain and how this can be managed if this happens.

Factors that can cause Tissue Pain

  • Internal damage

Some organ tissue can be very sensitive. For instance scar tissues that develop in the case of either a lung or a liver disease. The scar tissue pain can increase in severity with the progression of the illness. Fret not! Such conditions are rare anyway. It only occurs in the later stages where such organs fail to effectively perform their function.

  • The degree of the wound/burn

can scar tissue cause pain years laterThe size of the wound that forms the scar can be an important determinant on whether the pain will occur later in life. Deep wounds and burns are most likely to cause tissue scar pain later in life. What actually happens is that when it comes to deep or third degree wounds- there is a likelihood that the joints and muscles are affected. This is usually caused by the stiffness of these joints and muscles.

On the other hand, external and small wounds can be painful as well. Some of the tissue pains symptoms include:

  • Itching of the tissue scar
  • Throbbing
  • Sensitivity to touching the scar
  • Creaky sensations and sounds in the tissues

Most importantly, be sure to talk to your doctor if these symptoms make your life uncomfortable. Don’t scratch this tissue parts because the above symptoms could be the healing process. Also, your doctor can either conduct a tissue excision or conduct a skin graft in severe tissue scar damage.


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