What helps with braces pain?

girl in clinic asks what helps with braces pain

Well, the braces may give you beautiful, straight teeth but the pain which the braces cause is very discomforting. While the pain may not last long, it’s just little discomfort and soreness which you will experience for first few weeks of getting your braces. Everyone has a different experience, some people find it easily manageable, and for some, it’s a gruesome experience.

According to DentalSpot clinic near Croydon, Australia, there are a few ways that help with the pain and soreness. Here we are going to discuss what helps with braces pain:

– Take a painkiller, until the pain is causing less discomfort.
– Use an ice pack. Applying a cold compress to the area of discomfort will help decrease inflammation. Drink cold water and try to eat cold foods like frozen yogurt or ice cream. The cold provides a numb sensation in the mouth.
– Try to avoid hard chewy foods, eat soft foods which are easy to gulp, and less chewy. Make sure that nothing is getting stuck in your teeth.
Rinse with salt or saline water, this is advised to prevent any infection or irritation. It’s easily available in drugs stores or you can just make it at your home by mixing salt and water.
– Use a soft toothbrush, so that it makes it easier to remove food particles from your teeth and gives a good mild massage to your gums.

boy frustrated wonders what helps with braces pain

These are the some of the methods to help you relieve the discomfort, but the last you can do is to be patient with it. Remember it’s just temporary and the discomfort or pain will go away after few days, and you will slowly get accustomed to it. Last but not the least talk to you orthodontist, tell them how you are feeling so that they can help you in the best way they can.

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