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I give your BPM to all my new employees.  - KW California, 2017

As a Hospice nurse, this tool will be a big asset to my practice. Another RN showed me hers, and I agreed it would be good to have in my duty bag. Thanks again.  - TF Indiana, 2016

I love this resource.  - GM Oregon, 2016

Had an old copy and utilize it often.   - BG Texas 2016

I'm a hospice nurse, I use it every day. I'm getting another one for a colleague. It's one of the best scores I've ever made. Thank you for developing it.  - DA California, 2015

Love this tool. I have used these since 2000 when I first started hospice nursing. I carry it on my clipboard with every visit I make! Many thanks!  - BJ Georgia, 2015

I have waited for your update, and have used BPM for's awesome!  - EB Florida, 2015

I give this to all my new employees, and really like it.  - KW California, 2015

I really like it, it's a great resource.  - DG South Carolina, 2015

I’ve been ordering the Manager since around 2009. New nurses. It’s a great reference. Thanks.  - KW California, 2014  

I have used it over the years: love it.  - KH Massachusetts, 2014  

Have an old copy: love it so much I am buying some for my fellow nurses.  - EL New York, 2014  

Have used it for years. Now bringing up a new generation of nurses!  - SC California, 2013  

Have been using it for years! New job, new people to teach!  - SC California, 2013  

Received your product and it is excellent, will recommend it to my colleagues, so much very useful info.  - JM Georgia, 2012  

Have 2002 and 2008 copies and love. Use for teaching new hospice nurses.  - IM Georgia, 2012  

I have been a hospice nurse for 7 yrs and have an outdated Bedside Pain manager: As a QA/PI mgr for an up & coming hospice, I would like to see our case managers each have one!   - SM California, 2012   

Have used your product for years: Thanks for updating the Bedside Pain Manager.  - MW Virginia, 2012  

We are definitely a fan of your work!  - PH Missouri, 2011

Thanks for all that you do to bring excellent pain management to our patients.  - SH California, 2011  

I’ve always been an advocate of the BPM and have tried to encourage students to use it - tremendous resource!  - CG Texas, 2011  

Your contribution to hospice and palliative care is greatly appreciated.  - CR Kentucky, 2011  

Ordered in the past - found them very helpful.  - HP Colorado, 2011  

I want another one, they are fabulous!  - RM Minnesota, 2011  

The Bedside Pain Manager is awesome. Thank you for doing this. I’m a hospice supervisor and want all my nurses to have copies, and am ordering extras to keep for new hires.  - VB Missouri, 2011  

I’m getting one for myself and my co-worker for Christmas.  - BK Florida, 2011  

Use guide often. REALLY LIKE IT!  - DE Louisiana, 2011  

Let me thank you for a great reference for Hospice nurses and physicians.  - CR Kentucky, 2011  

Great readable tool!  - CC Nebraska, 2011  

Just in time for the holidays! Thank you. It’s a great gift for my nursing staff.  - JH Florida, 2011  

The best pain manager I ever used.  - AI Nevada, 2011  

Returning customer: Great resource for Hospice!!  - DA California, 2011  

As the educator at...I am always proud to hand out your work.  - PH Missouri, 2011    

We love using the Bedside Pain Manager in our orientation program for new hospice nurses.  - LA Virginia, 2011  

I really appreciate all your hard work.  - KN North Carolina, 2011  

I've used the bedside pain manager a lot, very helpful to me.  - SA Illinois, 2011  

Thanks! I really love this tool!  - BJ Georgia, 2010  

Your materials just arrived yesterday afternoon and I took an initial glance -- very, very valuable literature. Thank you for your kindness in sharing. I can't wait to spend some time with it.  - DP California, 2010   

I just attended a conference and it is the best thing I brought back from it.  - DL Ohio, 2010  

A hospice I worked for provided them to the nurses. I would like one of my own, it's a great tool!  - CN, Ohio 2010 

I am going to share with co workers as a gift.  - KT Georgia, 2010 

It's a great help, nice that you came up with it. The new IV page is great.  - EA Massachusetts, 2009  

My recently purchased management tool quickly disappeared at my work site. I guess I will take it as a compliment to its worthiness.  - MM Vermont, 2009  

Thank you for the BPM. It's wonderful, I love it. I think it will be a great help...very good job, it's going to be handy.  - JM Massachusetts, 2009 

Standing ovation: The new BPM is just terrific. I am very impressed with the changes and additions. Thank you for all your time and effort in assembling this gem. It really is going to be helpful to me in my oncology work.  - JG Texas, 2009    

This is my 3rd edition -- love it!! Keep 'em coming. I got my company to order them last year for all the nurses.  - EJ Georgia, 2009 

Thanks for a wonderful resource.  - DE Kansas, 2008  

Our director gave me one and I have been using it as a hospice nurse for years and telling other nurses about it. Lost mine and don't want to be without it!! Thanks for an excellent resource.  - DE Kansas, 2008  

Everyone finds your tool so helpful.  - PH Missouri, 2008  

We like this and are going to use it for our hospice field nurses and our phone nurse.  - CE Indiana, 2009 

I think the BPM is one of the best tools I have ever used in my nursing career.  - Jan Gartenberg, RN, BSN, Texas, 2008

I love this tool, you've really done a great service for patients and nurses over the years.  - Chris Maupin, RN, MN, CCN California, 2008

Have had it before: Love it!  - MM Maryland, 2008  

Love the product I ordered from you several months ago, my staff are using it. I've told my peers (in other hospice sites) about the Bedside Manager. I know they'll love it ...I believe your product is one of the best. Thanks!  - JH Texas, 2008  

I read about it on the internet and ordered one of the 2002 versions. Love it!  - CA Oregon, 2008  

Have old version - love it!!  - BH Wisconsin, 2008  

They are beautiful, I love the color. I really like the way you have it organized and can't wait to place them on our nursing units. Thanks for the great job you do.  - YB Texas, 2008 

Have bought it in the past: it's great!  - PJ Maine, 2008 

I love it, these copies are for my nurses for a Christmas gift.  - JH Nevada, 2007  

Got my first copy in 1998. Now give to all my nurses as a gift.  - VL California, 2007 

I continue to discuss your pain manager in my conferences on hospice care. Wonderful!  - JL Nebraska, 2007 

We are delighted to get such a great tool!  - BN Utah, 2007 

Thank You, it's a fantastic reference. I'm a nurse, working in Hospice.  - ST Iowa, 2006  

I thought the BPM would make an excellent gift for my staff for nurse's week.  - JH Pennsylvania, 2006  

I love it - getting it for all my NP's that I manage.  - KH Massachusetts, 2006  

I just wanted to thank you for sending this publication per my order. This is a concise, time saving and excellent resource. Your time and effort putting this publication together is much appreciated.  - KB Michigan, 2006  

Your pain mgt. info has arrived. Thank you very much. This is great information, certainly most appreciated.  - EA Massachusetts, 2006  

Love it!  - CS Minnesota, 2006  

Thanks. I love my Bedside Pain Manager.  - LR Maryland, 2005 

Excellent resource. I have used it in the past.  - MW Virginia, 2005  

Very handy to have with you on visits. We have had one for several years, and as we found it useful, ordered more for each nurse to have her own.  - PS Virginia, 2005  

I love it use it a lot.   -LD New York, 2005  

I received the BPM yesterday and really like the way it is set up. Lots of great info, easy to read and easy to stick into my bag! Thanks.  - DE Louisiana, 2004  

Thank you!! Have used for 2 years and love it!  - EJ Georgia, 2004 

Love them because of their accessibility. I have used them for several years.  - CR Kentucky, 2004  

Thank you so much for the Bedside Manager. It is so exciting to have this information - especially as we work with Hospice clients.  - JL Nebraska, 2004 

Thank you for creating this.  - SL Washington, 2004  

I love it, so glad it gets updated.  - MG New Jersey, 2004  

I have the 2002 version and it is great.  - PJ Maine, 2004 

Thank you for this wonderful tool! - EF Florida, 2004   

I've been an RN for 20 yrs, am new to hospice, got a copy from a co-worker who said 'you have to have one of these'. I don't know if you realize how much you've helped with this document.  - KK Kentucky, 2004  

Thank you for your information! It helps my study and work.  - AT Pennsylvania, 2004  

I refer to the bpm often. It is one of the best references I have, and my colleagues always ask to borrow mine.  - JG Texas, 2004  

Thank you for this excellent reference guide.  - MB New Jersey, 2004  

A compact reliable pain resource - I depend on it.  - Corrine Anderson, MSN, RN, GNP, APR-BC-PCM Texas, 2004

Am returning our order as the analgesic chart is not what we are used to using. We have used an equianalgesic chart and an equation. Thanks.  - MG Pennsylvania, 2003  

I've been in the nursing field for close to 30 years and have finally found my niche! Your information is invaluable and I've used it several times already with my hospice clients.  - BP Missouri, 2003  

Too cumbersome, wouldn't recommend it to peers.  - CN Nevada, 2003 

Love it - very helpful. Have the 1998 version.  - CH Oklahoma, 2003  

Am returning some of the copies I ordered, my nurses wanted a smaller tool.  - LJ Oklahoma, 2002 

It would be helpful to see online what the details of the updates were to the brochure from the last publication.  - HL Colorado, 2002  

Thank you for remembering our nursing students. Our pharmacology professor was elated!  - AB Alabama, 2002  

I think BPM is a must for my nurses, to have this information at their fingertips. I especially like the pros and cons, and pearls.  - Sandy Becker California, 2002  

Thanks for sending but think we'll use what Margo (McCaffery) has.   - CB Virginia, 2002  

What a great nursing tool. It is very user-friendly. Nurses really need this information at the bedside and many times they just don't have it.  - L. Ann Beauchamp, RN California, 2002

I have recommended this tool for use throughout our hospital. Someone actually took my copy and I don't know who. Great product!  - Corrine Anderson, MSN, RN, GNP, APR-BC-PCM Texas, 2002

This is a resource which I wish I had written. It contains a huge amount of material pulled together in a concise, easily usable clinical reference, along with an excellent list of related resources.  - Carol A. Stephenson, Ed.D., RN, C., C.H.P.N Texas, 2002

Bedside Pain Manager is the most practical, usable pain control tool I've ever seen. I use it all the time!  - Lauri Rose, RN, BSN California, 2002

I'm so glad someone finally did it, put all the information together in one place.  - MM Oregon, 2001  

Am returning my copy, it is just too basic and elementary.  - MW California, 2000  

We got these great pain control hand outs in our boxes. It was the best I've ever seen, all sorts of info, succinctly put, clear, easy to read. Just great. Wonderful job, kudos, kudos.  - LR California, 1998