Tooth Hurts When I Bite Down: Seven Possible Reasons

The patient will get a dental checkup.

What is the meaning of tooth hurts when I bite down? There are many possible reasons for this condition, including tooth decay, tooth fracture, or tooth abscess. When you experience throbbing tooth pain, it is a sign that your tooth’s health is not in good shape. It is essential to make an immediate dental checkup to receive proper treatment, as this dental team near Bethania advises.


Tooth Hurts When I Bite Down: Seven Most Possible Causes

If chewing or biting is causing the tooth pain, it is most likely because of the following factors:


Huge Cavity 

Experiencing tooth hurts when I bite down? Cavities can leave lingering tooth pain after you take particular kinds of food. Numerous individuals are sensitive to sweets when they have a hole. Huge cavities can stall out in them, which can cause compression and result in tooth pain.

Advanced tooth decay can bother the pulp nerve within the tooth. Hence, you can encounter painful flare-ups each time you chew, bite, or put food into your mouth. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that not all cavities hurt. Once you have a rough edge, a potential opening in your enamel, or a peculiar feeling when you bite down, make sure to visit your dentist so that they can evaluate it to avoid further progression into the pulp or worse.


The Tooth Crown or Filling is High

The word occlusion is used to describe how teeth bite together. When the upper and lower teeth occlude appropriately, the weight is equally dispersed so that there are not any particular areas enduring the worst part of the pressure.

The patient told the dentist that he encounters tooth hurts when he bites down.In occurrences where a tooth crown or filling places too high, it can result in tooth pain when you bite down on it. This feeling usually is most noticeable right after a dentist completed a dental treatment and the sedative wears off. The adjacent tooth may likewise hurt because of the additional pressure applied on it when your teeth engage entirely.

Dentists use a unique type of stamping paper to measure and assess your occlusion, noting any parts that are hitting harder or higher than others. They take off the additional weight by changing your bite, and the affected teeth will not experience hurt from biting any longer.


Cracked Tooth 

A cracked tooth is one of the most challenging and hard to diagnose dental issues. Usually, there are no visible indications other than tooth pain when you bite down on it. To know if a toothache is because of a cracked tooth, try to determine if it is coming from a particular area. Utilizing an uncommon bite stick to check whether there is tooth hurt with weight applied at definite points, a dentist can help rule out a cracked tooth.

Even though severe fractures can appear on dental X-rays, hairline breaks are often unnoticeable on the X-ray. Unique diagnosis and exam can determine if you have a broken or cracked tooth.


Dental Abscess

When you encountered pain with a particular tooth when you applied pressure, it could because of an abscess around the end of the root. This inflammation or cyst within the bone sets heaviness against the tooth, resulting in pain when you bite down on it.

Abscess swelling and drainage can travel every which way, with manifestations feeling more terrible a few days and going undetected on others. Fistulas, tiny pimples on the gums, usually appear close to the tooth and influence salty tasting drainage to leak out of the space. These Sans Souci dentists in NSW say that the only effective method for saving an infected tooth is to perform a root canal procedure.


Periodontal Disease

One factor that you encounter tooth hurts when you bite down is because of your gums’ health.

In a dental exam, a dentist will measure the attachment levels around every tooth. Depending on the seriousness of tissue detachment, you could likewise be encountering symptoms of swollen or bleeding gums, gaps between teeth, heavy tartar build-up, uncovered tooth roots, mobility and sensitive teeth.


Nasal Pressure or Congestion

The dentist is ready to treat the patient's dental problem.Every tooth root is near to your nasal sinuses. If you encounter tooth hurts when you bite down, sometimes, it does not certainly mean that there is a dental concern. Instead, it could be because you have inflamed sinuses. Usually, the most sensitive teeth are your back teeth, the teeth in front of your molars yet behind your cuspids.


Gum Recession and Root Exposure

Gum recession does not certainly cause tooth pain when biting. However, it can make your influenced teeth very sensitive if weight is used to the exposed root. In case you are eating or drinking, and food makes contact with your root surface, you are probably going to feel a sharp agony on that particular tooth.

Different factors can contribute to gum recession, such as trauma, teeth grinding, aggressive tooth brushing, tooth position, and gum disease.

If you have a single tooth or several teeth that hurt when you bite, make an appointment with your dentist right away. A proper dental exam can help you get the appropriate diagnosis and help keep your smile healthy. Your dentist will use the proper dental software to take x-rays and treat you.