Stem Cells for Tooth Implants

stem cell tooth implants

There has been a lot of medical research into the effects of stem cells for various fields. Dentistry isn’t an exception. Some of the newest research deals with a new method called stem cell tooth implants. The usual method of tooth implant treatment that dentists use is imperfect, making some people question the cost of tooth implants worth. Everyone knows that it takes time, in some cases even over a year to fix one tooth effectively. Even if it gets fixed as good as modern dentistry can manage, it is still very susceptible to further issues. The jaw changes throughout our lives and as such can affect the tooth implants, causing them to fall out. Sharks can regenerate every tooth they lose. Nature has been crueler to us that it has been to sharks. Our teeth only regrow once in our lifetime. But what if we could change that?

There has been a stunning development in this feild over the last few stem cell tooth implantsyears. Probably the biggest advancement has been done by Jeremy Mao and his team at the University of Colombia. They have found pathways to direct and control the body’s very own stem cells. Using a three-dimensional scaffold they can grow new teeth in the area where teeth were lost. The results would be a new pearly white. They estimate that the average tooth growth period would be a mere nine weeks. The new tooth is also more flexible. It will interact with the rest of the jaw more naturally and arrange itself in the perfect, fitting position in the patient’s mouth. This could be the essential breakthrough dentistry has needed.

A significant part of people loses their second set of teeth during their lifetime. This could ensure dental health throughout life. Lack of dental health also leads to various other health issues, especially those of the digestive tract. Stem cell tooth implants are an exciting development, sure to change the science of dentistry.

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