How to deal with sinus infection causing tooth pain

sinus infection causing tooth pain

Sinus is an infection or inflammation which happens when your nasal cavities get infected. Have you wondered if sinusitis can make your toothache? Yes it can and it does!! Sinus infection causing tooth pain is a normal phenomenon especially for people who have sinusitis or sinus infection. When you have sinus condition, your upper rear teeth most commonly get affected causing you immense pain in some cases as these teeth are very close to the sinus area. Primarily sinus infection causing tooth pain is experienced in upper molars and then gradually it starts to affect other teeth. To know tips on how to ease your pain, at the AuRhinoplastyBrisbane Clinic you can ask for the doctor’s help.

Remember that certain movements during sinus infection can worsen the pain. If you bend over or jump, the pain can worsen and if you lie down or sit, the pain may go away. This happens because sinus pressure keeps on shifting which causes pain or relieves pain in your teeth.

sinus infection causing tooth painIt is important to note here that toothache which happens due to sinus keeps on shifting between some teeth as pressure from sinus keeps on shifting as you move. But if you have permanent kind of a pain in your teeth, you must consult your dentist first to figure out what is causing that permanent pain.

If it is confirmed by your dentist that your tooth pain is caused by a sinus infection then you need to consult your doctor who will prescribe the antibiotics or antihistamines which will treat your sinuses and ultimately provides your relief from tooth pain.

When you have sinuses, the first thing which happens is that the patient starts breathing from his mouth instead of the nose as the nasal area is blocked due to infection. When you breathe from the mouth instead of the nose, your mouth starts to dry out which cause many dental issues. So in such conditions to relieve pain:

  • Drink plenty of water to be hydrated
  • Try breathing from nose
  • Rinse mouth daily and use fluoride tooth pain to ease pain


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