My new dentures hurt my gums: What to do

new dentures hurt my gums

Your dentist is the person that you turn to when you need help in preserving your teeth and overall dental health. However, there really comes a time when the damage your teeth have is extensive that no matter how hard your dentist tries to help you, the only way to save you from further complications or spread of infection is to undergo tooth extraction. You are now given the option to choose which restorative procedures will help you replace the missing teeth, and you chose dentures. However, have you ever experienced pain when using your teeth replacement appliance? You might ask, why do my new dentures hurt my gums? To know more about dentures and other restorative teeth procedures, check out this link.


Get used to your new dentures

When you lose your teeth, it would take months before a denture can help you to replace your teeth. You need to wait until your gums are healed before measurements to customize a denture can take place. This makes wearing your new dentures hurt your gums. Your mouth has been familiar with the feeling of having space for the missing teeth that introducing the new appliance can take some time to get used to as well. Do not worry because the discomfort will subside in time when the inside of your cheeks and your tongue get accustomed to the feel and presence of the dentures.


Discomfort brought about by new dentures

‘My new dentures hurt my gums’ is not as uncommon as other complaints new wearers have when it comes to their newly-fitted dentures. Here are some negative observations about wearing dentures for the first few days.

dentures hurt the gums

Your saliva production increases. Because there is a foreign body introduced in the mouth, the body’s natural reaction is to defend itself so it coats the mouth with saliva. This will only be temporary as the body adapts to the new appliance in the mouth.

Eating is awkward. Well, biting and chewing are. It is then advised by the dentist to change your diet to soft food first then gradually advance to a regular diet when you are accustomed to the feel of the dentures. You may feel scared to add pressure to the dentures at first, but once you feel comfortable wearing and using them the same way you do with your natural teeth, then you can enjoy your food all you want.

Speech may be affected. It is a bit awkward to talk as well. Because it is the first time you are using your dentures, you may feel uneasy with the way you look and talk, and this uneasiness and discomfort can affect how you speak your words. You can try and practice enunciating your words at home so that when you go out in public, you will know and get used to speaking and talking to people as if you don’t have missing teeth.


Why do my new dentures hurt my gums? If you think that the reason is not about getting familiar with it, then you should immediately consult your dentist. There may be some problems with the fitting of your dentures. You should not take this for granted since it may pose other complications instead of solving the problem of your missing teeth.


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