How To Sterilize A Needle (The Importance Of Infection Control)

how to sterilize a needle

In times like this where many types of infection are widespread and hard to manage, their control and prevention are really important. Hospitals and clinics who tend to patients in pain and needed medical assistance know the importance of infection control, especially for those at high risk like those having compromised immunity or have open wounds. Even dentists need to know the best way of sterilizing dental equipment to make sure that their patients and procedures are safe and effective. Let us now discover how to sterilize a needle in a medical or dental setting, how they perform sterilization, and what to do to uphold infection control protocols.


How to sterilize a needle: Home setting

As much as we try to avoid it, accidental injuries can happen. Have you ever had a splinter on your finger? A sharp and clean needle is needed to remove it, so you want to know how to sterilize a needle. Do you have alcohol in your house? Soak a very clean needle in alcohol and wipe it using sterile gauze. If you do not have alcohol, boil a pot of water and put the needle inside. Let it boil for 3o minutes or so. Or, you can directly sterilize the needle in an open flame or oven.


How to sterilize a needle: Medical setting

There are many ways on how to manage contamination and preserve the cleanliness and sanitation of a medical workplace. Using alcohol, bleach, and other chemical agents that have antimicrobial properties is just one of the ways all medical personnel can prevent the spread of diseases or infections from one patient to another. The simplest yet the most important practice is proper handwashing. But for medical and surgical instruments, how do we keep them clean and disinfected? The answer is by sterilizing them using a sterilizer of an autoclave.

instrument sterilizationHow to sterilize a needle used in the hospital? First, make sure that it is reusable and not disposable. Many syringes use needles that are intended for one-time use only. But, for those reusable ones, especially those used in surgery, how to sterilize a needle is a very easy question to answer. These are cleaned and soaked in disinfecting solution before sterilizing them using an autoclave or steam sterilizer. Because reusable surgical needles are made with high-quality stainless steel, so they can withstand high heat and won’t easily corrode.


How to sterilize a needle: Dental setting

Like medical hospitals and clinics, the use of needles in the dental offices is somewhat inevitable. Treatments that require anesthesia injection and suturing will really need clean and sterilized needles. So how to dental professionals ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of their instruments, including their needles? Easy; it is done using a dependable autoclave. All dental clinics that offer high-quality and effective procedures to their patients must have an autoclave in their practice. It is so important, not just to ensure that their instruments are well-kept and disinfected, but precisely for the safety and well-being of their patients. No dentist should allow the spread of infection from one patient to another because they don’t follow sanitation protocols, like how to sterilize a needle.


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