Exercise for Hip Pain: Tips and Recommendations

active woman experiencing hip pain

The causes of hip pain vary from many possible reasons. It may be from old age, arthritis, injury, or adverse health conditions like inflammatory disorders. The pain ranges from mild to extreme and is capable of general discomfort or worse, limited mobility. However, there are practical solutions to relieve hip pain that are easy to perform anytime. We are talking about the best exercise for hip pain. With the right home gym equipment and other essential fitness accessories, you can rid yourself of the annoying hip pain, and improve your overall range of motion. If you want to know more about theses fantastic exercise tools and accessories, you visit one of the best online stores at https://squatrack.com.au/.


Exercise and Your Health

Exercise plays a significant role in our overall health and fitness progress. A healthy lifestyle is not only about eating the right stuff and getting enough sleep. Physical activities should also be taken into serious consideration. Not only does it help us mentally alert, but it also activates multiple muscle groups in our bodies that prevent the general soreness of inactivity. Take the hip pain, for example. One of the most common reasons for hip pain is inactivity, especially to those who work nine or more hours seated in front of the computers very with minimal movements. The hips tend to feel sore because of bearing the weight for long periods. And, to make matters worse, it may lead to stress that can affect your performance.

Exercise for hip pain is what we recommend instead of taking pain relievers. The natural way of alleviating pain with the help of physical activities is way better than over-the-counter medicines. Hip exercises, together with the right equipment and accessories, can do the job with flying colours. We prepared a summary of the best practice for hip pain that you can try at home. So, without further ado, here are the recommended techniques:


The Knee Lift

The knee lift is one of the basic exercises that you can perform to help relieve hip pain or discomfort. It doesn’t require any exercise equipment or fitness accessories at all. To do this here’s what you have to do:

  • Lie on your back comfortably
  • Raise one of your legs to your chest while keeping the other leg straight
  • Grab the raised knee with both hands and pull it towards your chest
  • Hold the position for ten seconds
  • Release the leg and repeat the whole process with the other leg
  • Repeat five to ten times


The External Hip-Rotation

The external hip-rotation is another step that can effectively ease hip pain. Here’s how:Woman with pain on her hips

  • Sit on the floor and bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are facing each other
  • Apply pressure on both your knees by pressing them down with your hands
  • Push with ample amount of force to prevent discomfort
  • Allow your knees to touch the floor
  • Hold the position for ten seconds
  • Release and repeat five to ten times


The Double Hip-Rotation

Here’s another step that is easy to execute. To do this step, you have to:

  • Lie comfortably on the floor
  • Lift your knees and pull them together
  • Rotate your knees gently to your left and let them reach the floor while you face the opposite direction
  • Hold the position for twenty to thirty seconds
  • Repeat the process making the opposite motion
  • Five to ten repetitions


The Lower-Back and Hip Stretch

This method helps relieve your back and hip pain. To di this:

  • Lie flat on your back on a comfortable position
  • Pull both your knees towards your chest using your arms
  • Breathe deeply while performing this motion
  • Stretch as much as you can without discomfort
  • Hold the position for twenty to thirty seconds
  • Exhale and breathe normally
  • Five to ten repetitions


The Hip-Flexion

Hip-Flexion doesn’t require you to lie flat on your back. Instead:

  • Maintain a standing position
  • Extend one hand and use it as leverage for support while holding a chair or wall
  • Lift on leg up to your hips while keeping the other straight
  • Hold the position for one to three seconds
  • Repeat the process with the other leg
  • Five to ten repetitions

Ideal Exercise Equipment for Hip Pain

Now that you know the basic exercises without the use of any fitness tools or accessories let’s talk about the ideal exercise equipment that can aid you with the process.man experiencing hip pain

The Squat Rack: The squat rack helps by acting as a mechanical spotter when performing weightlifting exercises. By assisting, your hips and lower-body muscles are stimulated, which helps relieve the pain and discomfort.

The Recumbent Bike: The unique design of this exercise machine helps relieve the tension from your hips and lower-back muscles. The backrest can be adjusted to a comfortable position while performing exercises. It improves your cardio too. Get yours from RecumbentBikeAustralia’s shop.

The Rowing Machine: The natural motion that you can perform with rowing machines are ideal for your hips, back, and legs. And with the resistance levels that you can adjust, you can control your fitness progress without complications.

These exercise machines provide low-impact exercises with high benefits. These are the features that make them ideal for hip pain and discomfort. With regular training and dedication, it’s safe to say that you’ve found the right exercise for hip pain. 

The group of muscles that are affected with hip pain are the hip flexors. The hip flexors are susceptible to soreness and muscle spasms. When your hip flexors are involved, you may have difficulty walking or running. It can even be painful at rest. So, the best way to relieve the pain is by trying the exercises that we suggested above. 

Not only do they ease the pressure from your hip flexors, but they also strengthen your lower back and leg muscles.

After all, with your knees bent – it doesn’t cost too much effort. Our point is, any of the exercises for hip pain is relatively easy to perform. So, if you want to take care of your hip flexors until you grow older, you better try the techniques that we provided for you.



Hip flexors and your entire lower-body can take up quite a beating as you age. The best way to preserve them or to keep them healthy is with regular exercises and proper diet. The most significant benefits that you can gain are a stronger core and stability. Don’t miss strengthening your arms with a set of dumbells. With improved balance, you can enhance your training performance and regular chores with relative ease. So, pick up the pace and start living a physically active lifestyle. 

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