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If you are part of a dental team or want to have your own dental practice, it is a given that having an ideal autoclave a dental clinic must possess is a necessity. We all know what a dental autoclave does to preserve cleanliness and sanitation of every dental procedure. Autoclave brands like Melag, Alkita, Aphrodite, and Tuttnaeur can be known as the leading brands most dentists turn to for high-quality sterilization equipment. But do we know the characteristics of an ideal autoclave dental clinics like yours must have? Let us discover all things about what an autoclave dental clinics need so it will fit their requirements and functionality.

Dental autoclaves: Common FAQs

Why is sterilization in dental practice important?

We all know that dentists invest lots of money so they can purchase the best tools, instruments, and equipment so they can offer and perform different dental procedures for their patients. But would you still get the services of a dentist whose instruments are contaminated with different patients’ body fluids like sweat, saliva, and blood? Of course not! Sanitation and sterilization are keys to promote health and prevent the spread of illness and viruses, so making sure that everything you use on your patient is well-cleaned and sterilized is of utmost importance.


What is a dental autoclave?

dental autoclaveAn autoclave, or a steam sterilizer, is a machine that uses high temperature and pressure to sterilize and sanitize instruments made with metal or heat and pressure-proof materials that are intended to be reused. Dental equipment used for procedures like tooth extractions, such as forceps, mouth mirrors, scalers, excavators, and many more that dentists use inside the mouth that can harbor blood, saliva, and other tissues should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water, soap, and disinfectants before getting sterilized in an autoclave to make sure that no debris remains.

How to choose the ideal autoclave dental clinics need to have?

With all the manufacturers offering you great sales talks and discounts and whatnot just to get your attention, it really is hard to know which dental autoclave to get. So here are some questions and points that you need to consider when thinking about purchasing the best dental autoclave for your practice.


Is the manufacturer in the business for many years and is known to produce high-quality types of equipment? Sometimes, reputation is the key to know if a piece of equipment is worth your time and money.

Are you going to purchase directly from a manufacturer or a licensed distributor? There are manufacturers who make direct selling while others allow several distributors to help them market their products. Getting it directly may give you more savings and can even have a detailed demonstration on how to use it.

Is the distributor showing you all the options you can choose for or is he stuck to making you decide on one? Sometimes, choosing the right distributor can help you find the ideal autoclave dentists dream of having. A distributor can also give you necessary paraphernalia when sterilizing instruments, like the packaging, indicators, strips or tapes, and many more.

Do you know everything about the instruments that you need to sterilize? The volume, weight, and type of instruments you need to sanitize should dictate what autoclave you should get. What’s the use of getting the best autoclave in the market if your tools and instruments are not compatible with it?


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